Veteran Owned & Operated. American Made.


Q.     What was this building when it first opened?

a. The First National Bank.

Q.     How long did it take you guys to open?

a. Roughly 2 years.

Q.     Do you serve food?

a. Unfortunately, we cannot serve food due to our license. However, we do encourage everyone to bring whatever food they would like in. We also will give a dollar off your first beer with a receipt of a local eatery in Williamstown #SupportLocal.

Q.     Do you have to take a tour?

a. Yes, a tour is required. The advantage at our brewery is that our brew house is also our tasting room.  We will also be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Q.     How do I get a special mug that is hanging in the brewery?

a. These are for our brew club members. It is a onetime fee of $100 dollars which includes the brew club mug, a special addition t-shirt (with name printed), a growler (and fill) and discounts on every pint/returning growler fills.

Q.      Do you do special events?

a. Yes, absolutely. Just call or ask to speak to someone behind the bar to coordinate the logistics of your event. We will accommodate in any way we can.

Q.     Do you sell kegs?

a. Yes we do, we will sell any keg we have in stock for your personal bar or event. Just ask for pricing/deposit and enjoy!

Q.     Do you make everything here on site?

a. Yes, it is required by law. We have many challenges since the brewery isn’t very large. Also, we are working on a video so everyone can see the whole process.

Q.     How long does it take to brew?

a. It varies from beer to beer and depends on the style of the beer, but roughly around 2 weeks.

Q.     Do you have anything that tastes like Bud Light?

a. This one always gives us a laugh. We have light body beers, some more than others, depending on the season. We try to please most and even broaden the horizon for many customers, we understand craft beer isn’t for everyone. We always listen and welcome constructive feedback. Let's face it, we need the good and the bad to know how to improve our craft.